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Learn More About Us

Learn More About Us

Its good to know that you want to know more about us

We have many categories of food products from Halal/Non-Halal and Spicy/ Non-spicy. We supply goods to more than 100 restaurants with our own transportation from Penang until Johor. We are one of the biggest suppliers in Malaysia. With a warehouse, Korean grocery shop and multiple Korean food restaurants, we are the one-stop Korean centre for every Korean food lover. We have a large selection of goods.
As we own a warehouse, we are a centralized source for multiple goods. In the warehouse, we have rooms with a variety of temperature. From deep-frozen to dry storeroom to ensure the quality of food is at the best. We have dedicated staffs to look after the goods and their temperature.

The temperature is controlled by a temperature system and monitored by staffs closely.
We are delivering our goods in our own transportation in Peninsular Malaysia. We are always ready to assist our customer with further information. Click on the chat section to learn more.

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