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Benefits of Live-streaming in E-commerce

In this common era, communicating became easier than ever it have been. Do you remember, few years back television shows had live streaming where they answer our questions when we call them through phone calls? Shows like that gained millions of fans just because they answer the fans questions in live. 

Meanwhile, in this era answering live questions still exists but in different platforms. Platforms like e-commerce, social media and etc have features to do live. As an entrepreneur searching source to promote is a daily hustle. Live streaming products or brands will open a new window in promoting. 

Live streaming gives direct exposure of your product to customers. For an example, if you are selling a laptop in the live stream show your laptop and explain about the features. Show how it works and give details of your contact number. By doing this viewers can learn better about your product. As a promoter, show how much you know about the product. Your confidence can attract viewers to buy.

Morever, listening is better than reading about products. So make sure you use attractive words to attract your customers. DO NOT USE FILLERS or phrase like "I AM NOT SURE". These are big NOs in live streaming. Viewers will end up teasing you in the live stream. Prepare a script and talk in a presentable manner.

Furthermore, if you are selling a ready made food, drink anything related with food, in the live-stream try to cook it. Use descriptive speech sentence to describe how it smells when you cook it, the ingredients you have used and anything creative. By doing this, it will attract and make customers to order your product.

Most importantly, go with the flow. If you have forgotten something, DO NOT PANIC. Just go with the flow and try to interact with the viewers. Ask them questions like what is their opinion on the product or conduct game and give away.

The biggest plus point about live streaming is that there is very less competitors and more viewers. People like to watch videos in their gadgets so you have a bright chance to get customers.

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