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Global Marketing Strategies

Global Marketing Strategies

Marketing your products in a global level is a huge risk but if it succeed then hello billionaire. There are main strategies that are commonly used by famous international companies. 

1. Make your product as local as possible 

2. Learn the cultural differences

3. Social media is a partner in crime

4. Events and promotions

1. Make your product as local as possible

- If your product is from Japan and you are trying to sell in America, the first thing you need to do is research. Research about what makes American like Japan. For an example if id there is interesting anime or song of Japan that is widely loved by American then you can use that particular thing to make it local as possible. Try to play with words when you are promoting.

2. Learn the cultural difference

- Learn the culture of the origin of the product and the country you are going to sell. Try to find the suitable words to use. Avoid sensitive topics.

3.Social media is a partner is crime

-Promote your products in social media. There are many potential buyers out there. You just need to use social media tricks to attract customers.

4. Events and promotion

- The events and promotion are a part of e-commerce world. 

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