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Make profitable sales by understanding and adapting to customers demands

Make profitable sales by understanding and adapting to customers demands

Customers are the foremost important when it comes to business. The world of consumers is the biggest market it's like the ocean filled with fishes, as a fisherman all you need is a boat and neat corresponding with business. In business, there are millions of consumers but will the millions of consumers buy your product or know the existence of your business? 

 As consumers are increasing day by day, competitors are equally increasing. Among the competitors how to make your brand shine is the real question? The market is expanding day by day. Thanks to the quarantine period, the e-commerce platforms are in limelight now. E-commerce platforms help to showcase products, brands and promote the brand. However, e-commerce platforms are filled with competitors. Every company or brand have their own strength to attract consumers. To shine among the competitors requires understanding and adapting to customers demands.

Usually, the biggest flaw every company does in e-commerce platforms is assuming the needs of customers. Self assumptions is a BIG NO. 

There are few criteria customers demand

1. Reviews

- When you have begun a store in e-commerce, the reviews will make the customers grow trust in you. The more good reviews you get, the more customers it will attract. As a beginner, you might have no reviews at all, so in the beginning, promote your store. The first few will be hard to get but as days pass you will get more reviews.

2. Stars do matter

- Some customers do not have time to read the reviews, in that case, stars are your promoter. The number of stars you have per total stars makes a huge difference between your competitor and you. Collecting stars take time so be patient.

3. Be honest

- Do not lie about the quality of the product. Lying about quality will invite more bad reviews and in the end, your store will be banned from the e-commerce platform. Be honest about your products' quality. Even though the quality is cheap, the honesty will attract the audience because maybe the customers are searching for cheap quality.

4. Price does matter

- No matter how quality your product is if it is too expensive than the store you would not attract any customers. The customers will visit the store but would not buy any. Make the price reasonable. If it is expensive, state the reasons in the description. For example, the product is made from pure gold and there is no mixture of other substance, then it can be expensive in this case reasonable price. However, very low price products are also not welcomed because you might get bankrupt in the end. Be careful in fixing the price.

5. Pictures are decorations

- The pictures in your store must be legit. The pictures in e-commerce platforms are like a shop's signboard. The picture resembles your store. Make the picture standard and presentable.

 By following the criteria given now you can start drawing a marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is the way you are going to attract your customers by knowing their demands and expectations. Besides that, knowing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threat is crucial. You need to know SWOT strategy to improve your e-commerce store. Take a piece of paper and write down your store's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat. After listing, try to improve the weaknesses. Think about how you can solve the threats. Improve one by one. 

Business needs patience, dedication and passion. Wait patiently and do not rush. The results take time.

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