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Blackpink's Lovesick Girls is Lit!

Blackpink's Lovesick Girls is Lit!

The Girls are back again! From let's kill this love now we are Lovesick Girls. The song was released on Oct 2 from their new album "THE ALBUM". The fans went nuts tbh because everything was gorgeous in the MV. 

In ICE CREAM MV, everything seemed very girlish and more to aesthetic but then,*takes a deep breath* Lovesick Girls was like a powerful song. Now even though I'm single, I can scream with all the oxygen in my lungs "WE ARE LOVESICK GIRLS". The song reminded me of Let's Kill This Love but then it is THE BLACKPINK style so I love it. The girls have their own unique style so we all love and respect them. 

Love you Blackpink   

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