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BTS Team’s own chef’s best dish

BTS Team’s own chef’s best dish

Food is the most prioritised part of our lives.Someone who can cook delicious food will be everyone's favourite. It's human psychology, we loved those cooked for us when we were young such as mothers, grandmothers and aunts. 

As stereotype breaker, man are more interested in cooking now a days.Cooking has been hobby, profession or for fun. Now there are more men chefs than women in restaurants.Men those who can cook are absolutely every women's favourite. It gives an extra attraction towards men if they can cook well.

Some men in Korean music industry are interested in cooking also which makes them more attractive. These few men stand out from others with their incredible cooking talent.

One of the members from BTS is one of the few men who has incredible cooking talent.He is known as the oldest member of the team it is our favourite Kim Seok Jin

He is the chef of the team. In the earlier days of their career, Kim Seok Jin cooked for other team members.  It is undoubted that he is an excellent cook. Kim Seok Jin is a great singer, dancer and chef. A multi-talented guy that we absolutely love. 

BTS army was excited to see Kim Seok Jin's cooking videos.The way he handles the utensils is like a professional. He in a recent interview mentioned that he loves to cook.

 He is famous for cooking Naengmyeon. Naengmyeon is a cold noodle dish. It is widely eaten during hot summer days. Naengmyeon makes your body cool down during a hot day. The dish is tangy, savoury and sweet. 

Do you want to know how to cook your favourite guy’s favourite dish?Click the link and learn about it.

Also watch our Kim Seok’s cooking action caught in tape

Our BTS Chef in action

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