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BTS Suga's Favourite Galbi

BTS Suga's Favourite Galbi

Entertainment holds a major part in our daily routine.Entertainment industry is a gigantic industry as it contains music, drama, movie, comedy and etc. We see the artists from this industry as our idols or friend. 

We follow them in their social media platforms. We want to know everything they do in their leisure hours, relationship, favourites and as many information as possible. 

Fans or also known as Hallyu of South Korean artists are the talk of town. Their obsession over South Korean artists are a whole new level. These fans can write autobiography of these celebrities with the information they have collected. 

One of the biggest and sensational South Korea's boy band the BTS consists of 7 members has one of the largest fans. Mostly, the BTS fans are addressed as the BTS Army. It is hard to state the exact number of fans BTS has but their music video breaks the youtube records everytime they upload it. Their songs' copies are sold for millions. 

This article is special dedication for BTS Hallyu.

 Known as the quiet member of the BTS team but his fans know that he is one of the wisest and most talented in the group, can you guess who he is? It is none other than Min Yoon Gi aka Suga. Do you know what his favourite food is ?Let me tell you Min yoon gi fact.Our world famous rapper, singer and producer loves to eat Galbi

 He even stated that he loves Halal food. Suga's favourite dish Galbi is a famous Korean dish. The word Galbi refers to ribs. Mostly it is made with beef’s ribs. Suga really enjoyed eating lamb skewers with one of his groupmate Jeon Jungkok that he even thought of opening a restaurant because he really loved the dish.

 Galbi is served raw, then cooked on tabletop grills usually by the diners themselves.The dish may be marinated in a sweet and savory sauce usually containing soy sauce, garlic, and sugar. Both non-marinated and marinated galbi are often featured in Korean barbecue. Galbi is every meat lovers’ desire.

 Galbi can be made with chicken, beef,mutton,lamb and pork. The taste does not change but the chewiness changes according to the varieties. 

You can cook this dish at home just with an oven,microwave, or stove.

Click this link to see the steps to cook!

Braised beef short ribs (Galbi-jjim: 갈비찜) recipe.

Video completion of Suga eating!! 

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