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Here is what the famous EXO singer is doing in army

Here is what the famous EXO  singer is doing in army

Everyone who knows about South Korea knows about army enlistment. Enlisting in army is normal in South Korea but it's the most difficult phase for Korean entertainment industry's fans.It is hard to accept that for 2 years the favourite and most admired man will be missing in action as they will be in army

One of the man like that is currently in army. The only satisfying information that will be like an ice cream on a hot day is that the most missed by his fan guy is currently doing his favourite job in the army.He made everyone shocked with his talent. The EXO member is truly a gifted person.

EXO is a South Korean–Chinese boy band based in Seoul. One of the members of the team is D.O aka Doh Kyung-soo. D.O is a South Korean singer and actor. 

Every EXO fan knows that he cooks really well. But do you know that he is a certified cook. His passion towards cooking made him learn cooking professionally. 

This certified cook is currently in  his mandatory service. All the EXO fans really miss him and praying that he will be healthy there. Some fans are posting his pictures in social media and hoping that he will be back soon.

 In the middle of this, our D.O is actually cooking in the army kitchen. Looks like he is having a good time doing his most favourite thing which is cooking.

 Let’s wait patiently for some amazing songs from EXO again.

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