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Mingyu Created His Own Squid Burger

Mingyu Created His Own Squid Burger

Hola burger lover! There are more than 50 types of burgers around the world.Mainly the burgers we know are chicken, beef, lamb and egg but people around the world have totally different idea about burgers. In South Korea, they redefined burger by making burger out of noodles or plating burger on top of spaghetti. Seafood burgers are famous in South Korea.

Interestingly, every restaurant has a different type of burger. Seoul is one of the places every burger lovers should visit. Maybe people in Seoul are creative in cooking because the guy I know created his own type of burger on a live game show.

Every Seventeen fan has a crush on this guy. He is also known as the Team’s visual, the tallest guy in the team. Can you guess who he is? It is none other than our Kim Mingyu aka Mingyu. The charming 23 year old guy is the rapper and singer of his team. 

He is also famous for his cooking skills. In the Battles of Burger, our charming man created his own dish, Squid Burger. Usually, it is hard to cook squid because of it needs care and attention. Squid are extremely time sensitive, if it is overcooked for a minute it can ruin the entire dish. 

Mingyu's passion towards cooking was obvious when he cooked squid burger. He handled the entire situation perfectly. Everyone in the competition admitted that squid burger is the hardest to cook. 

However, Mingyu cooked the squid burger perfectly. He won the competition by doing a creative squid burger. Undoubtedly he deserves to win. 

If you are bored of ordinary burgers, give a try on making Mingyu's squid burger.

All the burger lovers out there! Prepare to be amazed by Mingyu’s cooking skills. Click this link to watch.

Mingyu is cooking squid burger

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