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Which Korean celebrities caused a storm over their social media posts?

Rules are always rules. Rules do not change according to people. When idols we adore are the one to break the rules, that is a problem. 

Youngsters are two types in social media, either they will love you with all their heart or become keyboard warriors and write hurtful comments. 

As 2020 caused pandemic there is a main thing everyone need to follow which is wearing masks. Those who are not wearing masks are being fined and scolded. Even though, for some people wearing masks while they are in outdoors is hard as they feel uncomfortable; the uncomfortable masks saves everyone's lives.

However, there are some celebrities who have posted picture in social media without wearing masks and not following SOPs are facing harsh criticism in social media.

Citizens are commenting hurtful comments as they were angry on the celebrities.

This chaos made the celebrities delete the posts they have posted. The celebrities posted an apology in their social media page and went totally silent. On the other side, the comments are considered as cyber bullying and many fans felt bad for the celebrities.


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