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3 Benefits of Eating Kimchi Soup

3 Benefits of Eating Kimchi Soup

As there is a saying "food is medicine" in this pandemic, preparing our form of medicine by cooking delicious soups is the best way to prevent. According to the nutritionist, soups are the best food to boost the immune system and the most effective form of food to cure disease.

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1.Good for digestion

Firstly, Kimchi soup contains good bacteria which is good for the digestion system. The good bacteria help the colon to absorb water and nutrition better. The taste of kimchi soup will make everyone eat it so parents do not need to force the kids to eat the soup as they will start to love it after the first spoon.

2.Boosts Immune System
Moreover, kimchi soup boosts the immune system. The commonly asked question is how a bowl of soup can boost the immune system, the answer is simple. Soup is in water form so it does not require extra energy in the stomach to break the nutrition into
 simpler forms.The water substance will directly enter the stomach and all the nutrition will enter into the veins. Comparing with solid substance, liquid substance is powerful. The vegetables in the kimchi and soup contain a high level of the vitamin.

3.Makes skin glow 

Lastly, kimchi soup is good for the skin. As kimchi contains vitamin A when it is mixed with soup it becomes more nutritional. Kimchi soup makes your skin glow and clears the skin.

Scientists explains the benefits of kimchi 

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