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A Must Try Korean Spicy Burger for Every Spicy Food Lover

Bun, tomato, mayonnaise, meat, cheese, egg and sauce make a perfect dish. Many fast food restaurant's top selling dish. Yes, it's burger. Every country has it's own type of burger. For an example, in Malaysia there is Durian burger.

Each country shows their identity in food to attract tourists and locals. When the  identity of a country is in food, the chef has a humongous responsibility to satisfy everyone. Food like burger is a common food in every country. Doing a new dish out of a common dish is a risky task as there are chances of getting bad comments or harsh criticism. 

However, South Korea which is a famous country for innovative food idea came up with many varieties of burgers. Seafood burgers are one of the innovative food idea South Korea came up with.

Most commonly, chicken, beef and fish are the ones which have been cooked for burger but in South Korea you can find Crab burger, Shrimp Burger and Salmon Burger. For every burger lovers, South Korea is the best place to visit.

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