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Beginners Guide : What is Kimchi

Beginners Guide : What is Kimchi

1.0 Introduction

Some call it as a pickle, some call it Korean's food and famously known as the name of drama. Now, let me explain about kimchiKimchi is a vegetarian dish. It is halal too. So no worries my fellow Muslim peeps you can eat kimchi.

Most people think that wine is only made in Europe in the 30BC but the actual fact is Asian people are more skilled in making preserved food. 

2.0 Background of Kimchi

When Buddhism spread throughout the nation, people started to become vegetarians. As kimchi is vegetarian food, the people started to eat it more. They even added various seasoning which caused kimchi fever to spread throughout the nation. In the past, the refrigerator was not invented so preservative food is the best choice for winter. A large number of Koreans started to do kimchi as it is the best choice for winter.

 Moreover, it is easy to prepare and can preserve for a longer period. Kimchalso has many varieties with multiple seasoning after it became famous. Kimchi can be used in soup, noodles, rice and pancake.

Now kimchi can be found in many Korean restaurants and supermarkets. As I stated earlier, kimchi is made with vegetables, sometimes fruits like apple or pear are being used.

Check out the link to learn how to cook kimchi in easy step.

Cook Kimchi In Easy Step


Watch this video in youtube

How To Make Kimchi 

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