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Bibimbap Halal Recipe

Bibimbap is a bowl of rice with vegetables along with meat. Bibim from bibimbap  means mixing multiple ingredients such as vegetables and meats meanwhile "bap" means rice

Together it means mixed vegetable with rice. As Korean food are famous for their unique spiciness. This dish is served with gochujang sauce for spice lovers and soy sauce for neutral fans.

However, adapting and customizing that food to Malaysian style is something new to internet. I like to do new things  so this is my recipe. You can try this at home. As a Malaysian, I always use ingredients that are available at home like chili, egg, anchovies and etc. 

Info: I see Bibimbap as rice, vegetables and sauce which is very similar to our daily lunch.

Ingredients you need are

1. 1/2 cup of rice

2. Thai sauce or fermented Chinese chili 

3. Carrot

4. Broccoli/ Cauliflower 

5. Red beans/ Green beans (Tin)

6. Boiled egg

7. Tofu 

8. Soy Sauce

9. Salt

Steps to cook

1. In a pan, pour enough amount of water to boil vegetables. Once it is fully boil put in a strainer and strain the excess water.

2. Then, fry tofu partially. Make sure it is not fully fried. Half frying is enough or you can boil tofu also.

3. After, preparing the vegetables, in a pan pour 3 tablespoon of cooking oil and add all the vegetables then pour soy sauce on it. Sauté the vegetables and add salt on it. 

4. Now, in a bowl first add rice in the bottom. Then, place the vegetables on the rice. Place boiled egg in the middle of the bowl. In a different small bowl put the sauce of your choice (Thai sauce, Fermented Chinese Chili). 

Ps: You can add pepper, blended chili and any spice you want! 

That's it enjoy your dish . Mix all and enjoy your dish.

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