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Bibimbap Recipe (Easy)

Bibimbap Recipe (Easy)

Hi all, 

Cooking is fun especially when you are cooking a foreign dish( not your culture). I believe that traditional food carries traditional values. For an example, the usage of kimchi and etc in daily meal is a part of tradition. Now, us who are willing to learn other's tradition always start from the simple methods to advance. However, some dishes are not tough at all. Some dishes may not have advance methods for an example bibimbap. For me it is the easiest dish to cook other than instant noodles.

This is the recipe I learned from watching various videos in Youtube. This can be a compilation actually  Moving on to the recipe


Ingredients (For 2) 

1. Rice (2 bowl of cooked rice)

2. Carrot (1 1/2)

3. Soy bean sprouts (200 gram)

4. Spinach 

5. Capsicum (2) 

6. Salt

7. Sesame oil

8. Sesame seed


1. First boil spinach and soy bean sprouts separately with a pinch of salt until it is fully cooked.

2. After it is cooked, filter the water then add salt in the cooked spinach and soy bean sprouts. Then leave it in a plate.

3. Cut capsicum and carrot. After cutting carrot mix it with salt.

4. Now, take the cooked spinach, add sesame oil and sesame seeds. Mix it well. Do the same step with soy bean sprouts.


 1. In a bowl or shallow plate put a teaspoon of sesame oil as the base.

2. Add rice, then add the vegetables on the rice.

3. Add half boiled egg on the top and sprinkle sesame seeds.

4. Add gochujang beside the egg.

That's all! Bibimbap is ready!

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