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Dukbokki Recipe

Dukbokki Recipe

Dukbokki (떡볶이 ) is one of the famous Korean dish which is widely loved by everyone. The main reason for the popularity of the food is it's ingredients. The ingredients to make dukbokki is basic ingredients that every Asians have at their household. 

Following is the simple step to cook dukbokki.

First prepare the ingredients,

1. Rice cakes (tteok) - You can buy it in supermarkets. It is available in many places.

2. 3/4 cup of Water

3. Gochujang 


5.Soy Sauce

6.Fish cake (optional)

7. Sesame seeds (optional)

Check out the link below to learn how to cook dukbokki


1. Add water, sugar and Gochujang inside pan.You can add sugar according to your preference.If you have high spice tolerence you can add less tea spoon of sugar. Meanwhile for Gochujang, a table spoon will be enough. Once you have add the three ingredients in the pan heat it up.

2. Stir it until it boils.

3. Add rice cakes (tteok), fish cakes and soy sauce.

4. Mix it well. Let the rice cakes (tteok) absorb the flavour of gochujang.

5. Add sesame seeds.

Thats it! dukbokki is ready! You can add egg and vegetables.

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