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Easy Vegan Kimchi Recipe

Korean food is known for their non-veg foods but do you know about their vegan/vegetarian food? As Buddhism follows vegetarianism and the followers of Buddhisms in South Korea actually did their own dishes which is still in use till date. Like other dishes, Korean food also has it's own veg and non-veg varieties.

Moving on to the topic VEGAN KIMCHI recipe. The ingredients are similar with the regular kimchi recipe as kimchi is already a veg food. However, additional ingredient makes the vegan kimchi stand out.


The ingredients you need are

1. leaf cabbage

2. Carrot

3. Salt

4. Sugar

5. Gochujang


7. Ginger

8. 2 tablespoons glutinous rice flour, aka sweet rice flour

9. Vegetable stock 

3.0 Steps to cook

1. First cut garlic, ginger, carrot and leaf cabbage. Wash it thoroughly.

2. Put carrot and leaf cabbage into a bowl then, add salt and water. Let the veggies absorb the salt.

3. Add water, ginger and garlic together into blender. Then blend it until it becomes as liquid form.

4. In a bowl, mix glutinous rice flour and vegetable stock. Mix until there is no bubble in the mixture. 

5. Then add sugar, gochujang and ginger garlic paste in the mixture.

6. Mix everything well, then add the carrot and cabbage that we have already left in salt water after draining the water.

7. Now final step, mix everything well together. If you want you can add red chilli flakes.

Precaution : In a jar, put the kimchi 3/4 only because sometimes, if you put until the jar is full, when you open it after weeks there are chances for the opener to explode is high. So don't close the jar tied. 

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