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Easy Way to Cook Kimchi Fried Rice

Easy Way to Cook Kimchi Fried Rice

Hi my dear fellow rice lovers

Since you are already here, you know what is kimchi and how good does kimchi fried rice tastes. However, for self satisfaction purpose i need to do a small introduction about kimchi and kimchi fried rice

Kimchi is a fermented leaf cabbage. It is similar to pickle but kimchi tastes spicy. Kimchi fried rice is a combination of plain white rice, kimchi and some ingredients like gochujang. As Korean food are famous for their spicy food, Kimchi fried rice is not exceptional. Do not worry. You can always adjust the spiciness. 

Check out the video to learn how to cook Kimchi fried rice 

nasi goreng kimchi.jpeg

Simple Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe 

First and foremost, prepare these ingredients

1. Rice (1 bowl of cooked rice)

2. Kimchi ( handful)

3. Soy sauce (2 tablespoon)

4.Gochujang (1 tablespoon)

5. Chili flakes


6. Garlic ( 5 pieces)(well minced)

7. Onion (1)

8. Carrot or any vegetable you want to add

kimchi nasi goreng.jpeg

Steps to cook

1. In a bowl, add kimchi and kimchi juice(squeeze the kimchi to get the juice). Then add soy sauce, gochujang and mix everything together.

2. Add any vegetable oil in a pan, heat it up. Add minced garlic and onion. Stir it until the colour of garlic and onion change.

3. Add the kimchi in the bowl into the pan. Add carrot in the pan. Let it cook about 5 minutes.

4. Add rice and egg in the pan. Stir it well.

Kimchi fried rice is ready to be served!


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