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Gochujang Halal Recipe

Hi homo sapiens! 

Food is one of the basic needs for us. Somehow, in the process of revolution and evolution we (technically our ancestors) created many food for us. Each seasons in every country has it's own special and famous dish. Even though the dishes are different there are few dishes that has similar ingredients. Since ingredients are the main in deciding whether it is halal or not it is essential to know how to prepare the ingredients.

The ingredients you need:

1. Chili powder

2. Miso paste


4. Rice vinegar

5. Honey

Watch this video to learn the steps

Steps to make DIY gochujang.

1. Take a bowl, put miso paste, garlic paste, chili powder and rice vinegar and mix everything together well.

2. Now add honey and water according to your preference. 

thats it, gochujang is ready!

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