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Grilled Cheese Tteok Recipe

Cheese lovers can be kinda insane sometimes. These cheese lovers literally add cheese in everything. Even though it is annoying to see the cheese lovers adding cheese in all food, seldom dishes taste absolutely delicious after adding cheese. Korean dishes are not excluded from the cheese lovers list. Many Korean dishes have been modified by adding cheese in it.

One of the dishes like is Tteok. Tteok is just rice cakes but with grilled cheese on it makes the tteok a special dish.

Without explaining more, I will give the ingredients straight away.


1. Tteok


3. Chilli powder

4. Salt

5. Corn flour


1. In a bowl, add corn flour, chili powder, salt and tteok.

2. Mix everything well.

3. Then fry the tteok.

4. Place the fried tteok on a hot pan on a minimal heat.

5. Add mozarella on the top of the tteok.

That's it Grilled Cheese Tteok is ready.

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