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Halal Tteokbokki Cheese Recipe

Tteokbokki is Korean rice cake. The spice levels are solely depend on the gochujang(the Korean Spicy Sauce). That's the main picture of the dish but now the real deal is, how we can do tteokbokki that is halal? 

I'm here to give suggestions to modify the Korean dish, Tteokbokki. Malaysians have their own kind of favourite spicy sauce or powder. For an example, Baba's Chili Powder, blended fresh or dried chilli and etc. So these are the main spicy ingredients we Malaysian usually add in because it is halal. 

All you need are

1. Tteok

2.3/4 cup of water

3. Gochujang / or any spicy ingredients that you want to add it can be blended chilli or anything you wish.

4. Sugar

5. Mozzarella cheese or any cheese you want because we are going to melt it

6. Fish cakes

Check out the video below to learn how to cook 


1.Add water, sugar and Gochujang inside pan. You can add sugar according to your preference. If you have high spice tolerance you can add less tea spoon of sugar.

2. Meanwhile for Gochujang, a table spoon will be enough. Once you have add the three ingredients in the pan, heat it up.

3. Stir it until it boils.

4. Add rice cakes (tteok), fish cakes and soy sauce.

5. Mix it well. Let the rice cakes (tteok) absorb the flavour of gochujang.

6. Add shredded mozzarella cheese on top of tteokbokki.

7. Let the cheese melt and take it out from the pan. 

Thats it! Tteokbokki cheese is ready! 

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