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Health Benefits Of Eating Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional fermented food from Korea. It is famous for the easy step to make it and health benefits. It is good for everyone. You can simply add kimchi in rice, soup and noodles. Kimchi adds flavour to the food. Kimchi is a vegetarian dish as it is just made from cabbage leaf/ radish, gochujang, chili flakes, garlic and etc. Kimchi became famous when Buddhism was spreading across the country and it is very useful during winter season. Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish so it carries traditional values along with it.

Health Benefits Of Eating Kimchi

Let me list down so it easy to read 

1. Contains healthy bacteria that is good for body

Kimchi has healthy bacteria which is good for digestive system. The good bacteria is similar to yogurt. The components are the same. This good bacteria helps to fight against infections.

2. Lowers cholesterol level

Garlic is one of the main ingredient in Kimchi which has the power to reduce cholesterol. If you are a high blood pressure / high cholesterol patient Kimchi is a highly recommended side dish in your meal. 

3. Makes your vision clear

Vitamin A in kimchi is the similar vitamin that helps to develop a healthy body. Plus, it helps to maintain a clear and healthy eyesight.

4. Prevents stomach cancer

The Chinese cabbage and radish in kimchi are helpful in detoxifying heavy metals in the liver, small intestine and kidney. This also prevents stomach cancer too.

5. Slows aging process

 In the fermentation process, the kimchi becomes rich in anti-oxidant. To make it easy to understand anti-oxidant makes rate of aging of the skin slow by inhibiting cell oxidation.

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