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How to cook simple Korean Fried Rice in 5 minutes

How to cook simple Korean Fried Rice in 5 minutes

Fried rice is the most favourite of Asians.Rice is a product of farmer's hardwork in the muddy field. Rice has an old long relationship with Asians. As the inventors of agriculture, rice is one of the first few goods in the history of agriculture. For any climate rice is the best food. Rice is a neutral food. It changes according to the ingredients you add similar with water.

Water's colour changes when you add any foreign substances. Rice's texture and size is fully based on the water level whole cooking. Asians are the pros when it comes to measuring water to cook rice. Fried rice is a basic dish at every Asian household. All you need is rice, eggs and vegetables. 

Getting approval from Asians for the fried rice is hard. Watch this British Indian women cooking fried rice with Uncle Roger. In this video you can know how annoyed the Asians can get if anything goes wrong while cooking fried rice. 

Among all the sarcastic comments from Uncle Roger, finally there is this one "world-famous" chef who actually amazed Uncle Roger by cooking fried rice in the right way. This is the first time the world internet saw Uncle Roger being satisfied. This video has 9,476,642 views in Youtube in just 2 weeks  

As I mentioned, rice is neutral, the amount of chili powder or pepper decides the spiciness of the food. To teach how to cook fried rice Asians are the perfect teachers. Watch this video of a chef cooking egg fried rice in Asian style in 5 minutes.

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