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How To Make Kimchi Soup?

Kimchi soup is a famous Korean dish that is made from 100% vegetables. It is vegan/vegetarian friendly dish. Kimchi soup is known as kimchi jjigae. There are few varieties in kimchi soup/kimchi jjigae. Some like to add meat or chicken in their soup, however some like to use tofu/taufu or mushroom in their soup. This depends solely on the individual. I personally prefer tofu kimchi soup which is my favourite among all the other kimchi soups.

Firstly the ingredients you need are


2. Onion


4. Toufu


6. Chili flakes

7.Soy sauce


9. Black pepper

Steps to cook

1. Add sesame oil or any vegetable oil in a pan and heat it up.

2. Add kimchi, minced onion and garlic. Stir until the onions' colour changes. 

3. After 2 minutes, add chili flakes and gochujang according to your spice tolerance.

4.Stir well until everything is mixed well.

5. Add kimchi brine and vegetable stock in the pan. Stir well. After 2 minutes turn off the stove.

6. Finally add tofu and mushroom in the soup. 


1. Take a bowl, add soup in first, then add tofu and mushroom on top. That's it simple kimchi jjigae is ready to be served.

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