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Ingredients to make kimchi

Ingredients to make kimchi

1.0 Introduction

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish. People in Korea have been consuming kimchi for thousands of years. Kimchi is a preserved food for the winter season in Korea. Kimchi is a spicy side dish for rice, noodles, soup, etc. There are many dishes you can cook with Kimchi. yt kimchi 1.jpeg

Check out to learn about the types of dishes you can cook with kimchi.

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2.0 The ingredients you need are

1. leaf cabbage (the amount you want)

2. Carrot ( 1 and minced)

3. Salt (your preference)

4. Sugar (your preference)

5.Gochujang (2 tablespoon)

6.Garlic ( 1 and minced)

7. Ginger (1/2 minced)

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3.0 Steps to cook

1. First cut garlic, ginger, carrot and leaf cabbage. Wash it thoroughly.

2. Put carrot and leaf cabbage into a bowl then, add salt and water. Let the veggies absorb the salt.

3. Add water, ginger and garlic together into a blender. Then blend it until it becomes a liquid form.

4. Now put ginger garlic paste into a pan. Mix it well in the pan.

5. Add sugar, gochujang into the pan.

6. Mix it well. 

7. Finally, filter the saltwater from the carrot and cabbage. Add the saltwater in the mixture you have made. Then add carrot and cabbage in the mixture.

8. Mix everything well.

9. Keep the kimchi for 2 days. Then you can have the simple dish anytime

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