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Ingredients You Need For Kimchi

Ingredients You Need For Kimchi

1.0 Introduction

Let's time travel and go to 30 BC, now you are in Korea. There is no dictator now, so relax. There is no electricity, Wi-Fi or electronic equipment. It's winter season. How are you going to survive now without food? 

The only superhero who can safe you is some vegetables and rice. Don't worry you can always seek for help. The main and most affordable food you can  make is kimchi. With kimchi with you, you can cook rice, soup and just add kimchi in it. That's how simple was their life previously. The healthy dish just requires few ingredients.


2.0 The main ingredients

The ingredients you need are

1. leaf cabbage (2 whole cabbage)

2. Carrot ( 2 minced well)

3. Salt ( 1 teaspoon)

4. Sugar (1/2 teaspoon)

5.Gochujang (2 tablespoon)

6.Garlic ( 1 clove minced)

7. Ginger ( 1/2 blended)

3.0 Steps to cook

1. First cut garlic, ginger, carrot and leaf cabbage. Wash it thoroughly.

2. Put carrot and leaf cabbage into a bowl then, add salt and water. Let the veggies absorb the salt.

3. Add water, ginger and garlic together into blender. Then blend it until it becomes as liquid form.

4. Now put ginger garlic paste into a pan. Mix it well in the pan.

5. Add sugar , gochujang into the pan.

6. Mix it well. 

7. Finally filter the salt water from the carrot and cabbage. Add the salt water in the mixture you have made. Then add carrot and cabbage in the mixture.

8. Mix everything well.

9. Keep the kimchi for 2 days. Then you can have the simple dish anytime.

The older the kimchi gets the more delicious it will become.

2 jars kimchi.jpeg

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