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Is Gochujang Halal?

Is Gochujang Halal?

Gochujang is the most used or can be described as the primer ingredients in most of the Korean dishes. Gochujang adds flavour to a dish. The real question now is whether Gochujang is halal or not, the answer is yes, It is halal. There are some brands with halal certificate which everyone can freely use and some are not halal.

The reason behind the non halal is the usage of alcohol in the fermentation process. Alcohol is used to get the perfect texture in gochujang. The adding alcohol process is replaced with another special halal ingredient to add texture in gochujang in companies.

However you can still make your own gochujang at home with few ingredients.

The ingredients you need:

1. Chili powder

2. Miso paste


4. Rice vinegar

5. Honey

Watch this video to learn the steps 

Steps to make DIY gochujang.

1. Take a bowl, put miso paste, garlic paste, chili powder and rice vinegar and mix everything together well.

2. Now add honey and water according to your preference. 

thats it, gochujang is ready!

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