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Kimchi Dumpling Recipe

Kimchi is one of the famous Korean dishes of all time. Randomly ask anyone, what Korean food you know 90% of them will answer KIMCHI. Not only in Korea kimchi is also used in many countries. To point out their traditional values, in every Korean restaurant they will serve authentic recipe of kimchi. Kimchi Dumpling is a traditional dish which many Asians grow up eating. Now a days, it is hard to get those incredible delicious dumpling we grow up eating BUT... you can do by your own. The tradition should be passed to the younger generation so get up and learn .


1. 1 kg of Kimchi (minced)

2. 400 gram of Pork/Chicken/ Beef (minced)

3. Spring Onion (2)

4. 6 chopped garlic

5. 3 cup of chopped cabbage 

6. 3 Japanese Tofu ( chopped)

7. 2 tablespoon of sesame oil

8. 2 eggs

9. Salt

10. Pepper

11. Dumpling wrapper


1. First squeeze kimchi and make it little bit dry as it is very soggy.

2. In a bowl add kimchi, lemon grass, minced chicken, spring onion, and garlic. Mix everything together. Mix until everything is mixed well.

3. Add chopped cabbage, tofu, sesame oil, egg, salt and pepper. Then mix again. Make sure everything is combined together well. 

4. Leave the filling for 2 minutes.

5. Now, in a dumpling wrapper put kimchi fillings and press the edges then seal the dumplings. 

6. Place the dumpling in any steam machine you prefer. 


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