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Korean Barley Tea's Speciality

Korean Barley Tea's Speciality

God's creations are always magnificent. A plant's seed can cure many severe diseases and boost immune. How god did it? That's a whole new article to write about but using the creations in a beneficial way is a smart way everyone should know.

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The seeds I'm amazed about is Barley. Korean's barley tea recipe is a cure for digestion problem, boosts metabolism and control blood sugar level.This multi function tea just needs barley and water. To do this wonder tea you need to roast barley. 

To roast the barley you no need to add oil, just add barley and stir around until it becomes brown. Make sure the stove is in low. Lastly add water and drink. Your tea is ready. This tea is 100% natural so you can drink it at any time. It doesn't contain caffeine so anyone can drink it.


You can simply purchase roasted barley is powder, or seed forms.

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