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Mother's Favourite Flu Remedy

Mother's Favourite Flu Remedy

Getting ready for the presentation you have been working on for weeks, then suddenly achooooom! Oh god! You are having flu now. How are you going to do presentation? What if you accidentally sneeze loudly while you are in presentation. Do not get panic.

 Think like our mothers. They have homemade remedy for every disease. Flu is the most common disease especially if you have sinus then flu is a normal thing for you. 

Now a quick remedy for flu is saenggang-cha which is made firm ginger's root that is stored with honey.Just a hot water and saenggang-cha will make your flu fly away in few minutes. Ginger has the nutrients to cure flu. 

Moreover, you can drink ginger root tea after meal. It will make digestion process easier. Saenggang-cha will help in weight loss also. This multi purpose special tea is well known in Asian community as it is given to children and adults.  

You can get saenggang-cha in powder, bottled and in liquid form in e-commerce platforms or in traditional medicine shops. Try it once then you will know the magic it can do.


Watch the video and DIY yourself the ginger tea! 

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