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Pregnant ladies’ must eat dish and steps to cook the Famous Hobakjuk (pumpkin porridge)

New mothers suffer from many body issues post pregnancy. Hobakjuk aka Korean Pumpkin Porridge is considered as a great healing food among Koreans for this post pregnancy issues. In addition to Miyeok Guk (Korean seaweed Soup), Hobakjuk is another one of Korean mothers’ favourites. 

It is believed that it is a must for every pregnant woman to eat this soup.While Miyoek Guk is known to help with milk production and the recovery of the new mother’s body (esp. uterus), Hobakjuk is known to help new or expecting mothers to get rid of their puffiness.

 Hobak (Pumpkin), especially Neulkeun Hobak (늙은 호박 which means mature Pumpkin), is a mild diuretic and is also high in beta carotene and potassium. So it is good for your eyes, heart and bladder/kidney. 

How to cook Korean Pumpkin Soup


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