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Recipe : Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi is my first and favourite Korean dish. I use kimchi in soup, noodles, rice and even in my dumplings. They go well with all dishes. I add kimchi in bibimbap sometimes when i don't have gochujang. Kimchi can be the replaced for gochujang only in bibimbap. 

Kimchi can stay good for 6 months so in the span of time I utilize kimchi to the fullest. Kimchi fried rice is my family's favourite to go dish when they are lazy to cook. As all we need to prepare kimchi fried rice are kimchi, rice, and few other ingredients which are optional. 

Ps: I don't use other ingredients to make it very delicious so if you want you can add any ingredients you want in your fried rice.


The ingredients you need is

1. garlic

2. mushroom

3. kimchi

4. gochujang 

5. rice

6. If you want to add any chicken, bacon and etc feel free to add.

Steps to cook

1.First, add oil and put garlic. Stir the garlic until it changes into golden colour.

2.Then add mushroom and mix it well with the garlic. After the mushroom is cooked add kimchi (preserved green cabbage mix), into the pan.

3.Don't forget to add kimchi stew. If you want the fried rice to be more spicy you can add gochujang.

4.Mix everything well. Once everything is mixed well add rice and for the last time mix everything together.

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