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Sundubu Jjigae Recipe

Sundubu jjigae is Korean Tofu stew/soup. It is the best combination during rainy days. I personally love tofu so this dish automatically became my favourite. This is my easy sundubu jjigae recipe. I used kimchi, you can skip the step if you don't want. 



1.Kimchi ( Squeezed it well and get the juice then mince it)

2. Onion

3. Toufu


5. Chili flakes

6. Garlic 

Steps to cook

1. Add sesame oil or any vegetable oil in a pan and heat it up.

2. Add kimchi, minced onion and garlic. Wait until the garlic and onion are cooked. 

3. Then add 1/2 water, kimchi juice, chili flakes, gochujang and tofu 

4.  Lastly add salt.

That's it simple kimchi jjigae is ready to be served.

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