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The secret pancake behind Koreans' glowing skin

The secret pancake behind Koreans' glowing skin

Will you believe if I say the food you consume can actually affect your skin? The biggest secret of the clear and glowing skin of Koreans is the food they consume.

 Not only tasty, the food is beneficial for skin. Rather than using products like Koreans, we should consume healthy food like them. Naturally, vegetables like kale (known as the leaf cabbage) and tomato contain A and C. Vitamin A and C are blessings to our skin. It nourish and moisturise our skin.

Moreover, fruits like orange contains high amount of vitamin C, especially the skin of orange has more vitamin C than the fruit inside. Koreans consume vegetables and fruits in their diet. Balanced amount of minerals and vitamins make their skin glow. 

Even though Koreans consume high amount of meat, the vegetables and fruits in their food balances everything. The most popular dishes like pancakes in Korea are made differently in a way that it has meat and vegetables.

Pancakes are many people’s favourite breakfast menu, but do you know the ordinary honey pancake is totally different from Korean pancakes? Let the expert tell you.

The ingredients for Korean pancakes are kimchi, seafood such as prawns, fish or crab, green onions, or even just a beautiful vegetable medley. Most importantly, caramelized onions are the main top-notch ingredient in Korean pancakes.

For American pancakes, honey, butter or jam is needed but for Korean pancake soya-based sauce is needed. The soya sauce is the best accompaniment for Korean pancakes. Finally, it is a crystal clear fact that Korean pancakes are tastier than ordinary pancakes not to forget they are healthier also.


Video by : Maangchi

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