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Vegan Korean Kimchi Noodles in your kitchen

Vegan Korean Kimchi Noodles in your kitchen

"Veganism is the way of life", this quote explains the statement everyone should know. Rather than making fun of those eating vegetables, learning about the benefits of vegan food will be informational. 


On the other hand, just for the sake of weight reducing some are blindly consuming vegetables. Among all these, there are stereotypes about veganism for an example statement like "vegan food are tasteless" is the common statement. The stereotypes about Veganism or eating vegetables should be deleted from everyone's minds. Vegan food are delicious too.

Veganism is being healthy mentally, physically and not hurting any beings.

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There are many types of vegetarian food across the world. The biggest stereotype about veganism is that vegan food are not spicy. 

Asian vegetarian food are more spicy than non vegetarian food. To be specific in Korea there are many vegan dishes. One of the famous vegan dish is the Kimchi Noodles which can be done in few minutes. All you need is an empty stomach and few ingredients.

Before starting to cook, you need to prepare the ingredients.

 1.First of all cut green cabbage and soak it in salt water.

2. Then cut mushrooms in an amount you need. 

3. Place a pan on the stove and pour any oil you prefer.

4.Put the mushroom you have cut and and stir it.

5. After that, put the cabbage which you have left to soak in the salt water. 

6.Then stir the cabbage and mushroom well.

7. Now pour vegetable stock into the pan and add Korean red pepper paste.

8. Add some salt and sugar according to your preference. 

Once the soup is ready, put the noodles in it. 

Your vegan kimchi noodle is ready now!

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Check out the video to learn how to cook vegan kimchi noodle 

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Plus we also have recipes for other Korean dishes also. Check out our page for more Korean Food Recipes.  

 IS KIMCHI HALAL                                                                                                        

is kimchi halal?


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