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Why Gochujang is Mandatory

Why Gochujang is Mandatory

Everyone who is new to Korean cooking will and must quest is Gochujang mandatory? Can I cook without gochujang. To be very honest, I was wondering what is gochujang when I start to learn about Korean food recipes. I read articles and many recipes, so from what I have learned I know that gochujang is MANDATORY only for spicy dishes.


Gochujang is the primer ingredient in Korean food. It's like skin in our body. It is a must and you cannot imagine humans without it. The gochujang is a spicy sauce. It tastes like chili. The main purpose of gochujang sauce is to deliver the authentic taste of Korean food. Most of the time, the fault in mixing the spices will ruin the taste. The new and affordable Gochujang comes in a packaging which will last for 6 months. 

What's The Need

For spicy dishes, we need to add any dish that actually gives the spiciness. So logically gochujang is a chili paste which adds the spice flavour. You can add on the teaspoon/tablespoon of scoop according to your spice tolerance. 

Buy in E-commerce platforms

You can always buy gochujang in e-commerce platforms as it is available in many countries. Gochujang comes in halal and non halal, so everyone can enjoy it. Not only for Korean food, we can also use gochujang in other dishes also.

Gochujang in e-commerce platforms

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