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Why Korean Bibimbap is famous?

Why Korean Bibimbap is famous?

In the internet, there is so much of hype for Korean food, lifestyle and especially k-entertainment. You might wonder why there is so much of hype in internet about Korea. The answer is simple, Korean's have this unique mixture of Asian and western lifestyle. That unique mixture of culture makes them admirable. 

Moving on, Korean food are famous for their special for gochujang, kimchi and etc. These ingredients shoot up the food's taste. One of the famous and must try dish of Korea is bibimbap.

For foreigners the pronunciation itself will be strange. Bibim means mixing multiple ingredients such as vegetables and meats meanwhile "bap" means rice. 

The big bowl is filled with rice in the bottom and surrounded by minced carrot, cucumber, cabbage and sauté meat with gochujang and soy sauce then on the top there will be half boiled egg with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

The speciality of this dish is it has 3 different sauces. The eaters can choose the sauce according to their spice tolerance. Gochujang sauce is for those with high spice tolerance meanwhile those with less or no spice tolerance can try soy sauce and soy sauce with apple vinegar.

The dish is vegan followers favourite in Seoul because you can eat the dish just with rice and vegetables with soy sauce.This must try dish is very easy that you can even cook at home everyday. All you need is rice, vegetables and gochujang. 

Watch the video to know a youtuber's experience in trying bibimbap 

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