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Why You Should Try Kimchi?

Why You Should Try Kimchi?

Kimchi, sounds like a vegetable soup right? Thanks to all Korean drama, for showing the world that kimchi is a Korean spicy pickle that is different from a normal boring tasteless pickle. The main image we get in our brain is some soggy dish. We common judge a dish just by the name. The speciality of Korean food is its unique spiciness.
Kimchi can be the main or side dish in 
Korean cuisine.

Reasons to Try Kimchi

It is delicious and loved by numerous foreigners. The different taste of spiciness in Kimchi is always mind blowing as it comes in different spice levels. It can also be non spicy. Spice intolerance people can eat the non spicy Kimchi. As for foodies, kimchi is always in the must try list. 

Health Facts

1. Kimchi lowers cholesterol levels.

2. Helps to lose weight by boosting metabolism.

3. Kimchi prevents stomach cancer.

4. Makes skin radiant and hair shiny

5. Slows the aging process.

Korea has one of the oldest tradition in the world. Kimchi was created in Korea as a backup for the winter season. Marinated food can be consumed for more than a month.

Kimchi is a very easy dish to make. You need green cabbage as a main ingredient. Some times, cucumber, radish are replaced with green cabbage. In culinary, there is no law. You can try any vegetable which you find perfect for kimchi.

Kimchi can be mixed with plain rice, noodles, soup, etc.
Note: You can use kimchi in any food because it is a base ingredient.

My personal favourite is Kimchi fried rice. All you need is rice, kimchi and gochujang. It is the bomb dish for me. So don't waste you time and try or buy kimchi and give it a try.

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