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Dramas to watch when you are stressed

Dramas to watch when you are stressed

Life can be very stressful sometimes or most of the time. We do not have any choice other than facing it. Even Cinderella had to go through hardship in life to become a princess. So moral of the story is that we need to maybe face stressful situation in life. 

Tough situation cannot be avoided but surely you can overcome the stress in your mind. One of the way to overcome which I followed is watching drama. I watched Korean dramas in Netflix and other online streaming platforms. It really helped me to overcome my stress.

As an expert in getting stress and overcoming it, I will tell you some recommendation. These dramas REALLY helped me so here it is. 

1. Legend of Blue Sea

Scientists found out that, mermaids are real but I'm not sure about Ariel's existence. There is one thing I'm sure about which is every fairytale lover will binge watching The Legend of Blue Sea. The title explains the storyline. It is about mermaids. The story is a beautiful love story between a mermaid and man. 

Lee Min Ho played roles as a village chef in the flashback and Conman in the present story. The story is a mixture of technology, reincarnation, mermaids becoming human, mermaid power and South Korean lifestyles. The mermaid will learn about Seoul lifestyle which is interesting to watch. I laughed in most of the scenes. The way the mermaid adapts to Seoul lifestyle was funny.

2. Secret Life Of Secretary 

Nerdy, specs and messy hair are defined as unattractive by majority of people. Secret life of my secretary broke the stereotype by making the main lead as a messy girl and made everyone fall in love with her character. 

Character shines more brighter than appearance is the moral value we learn from the drama. The unattractive secretary who believes in hard work, strive in her work in order to become a permanent stuff in office. Unfortunate events occurs and she gets sacked from work by her boss.  I don't want to give spoilers but it is heart warming to watch. Go watch you will laugh out loud. 

I will continue part 2 soon. Watch these 2 dramas, you will be stress free after that.

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