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Dramas to watch when you are stressed (part2)

Making ourselves busy so that we won't think about the one who broke our heart is one of the stressful phase in life. The one person who we thought will be with us, leaves just like that and now we have to forget the existence of the whole relationship and move on. I have been there, in the stressful situation. Tbh, that was the time I started to watch Korean dramas. I binge watched many episodes in single day. An episode approximately takes 1 hour or 1 hour and half so it is really time consuming. In order to stop my unremitting tears,watching K-drama was helpful. 

If you are new here, check out part 1 by clicking this link

Now, this is part 2. Today I'm going to share something that will make feel powerful or by end of these dramas you will feel much better,

Hotel Del Luna

This drama is about a very daring women who owns a hotel of ghosts. She is extremely savage and handles crisis all by herself. Not like the ordinary fighting scenes where the hero will safe the heroine's life, in this drama the heroine will safe the hero from enemies. I am very sure you will love this drama and might re watch it just to watch how savage she is!

Some scenes were kind a scary because it is a ghost hotel, so obvious there are scary scenes. But don't worry it is not as scary as those horror movies. 

Ps: Ghosts are far more better than that one guy who ghosted you

Crash Landing On You

Now, you might wonder why I suggest this drama. "Its a romantic drama, it will make you more sadder and so on" that's what my friend said. Her advice made me think "am I that depended?" I asked myself that question. It triggered my ego so I watched the drama. Remember this note : You are independent, he/she is not your life. The person who left you is not oxygen, you CAN live without them. Break up is horrible but staying in toxic relationship is worse than horrible. 

Now moving on to the drama. After break up or love failure mostly everyone will not believe in destiny. But believe me, after watching this drama, I had fate in destiny. No matter how far you are, your love/soulmate will come for you.


Do you still remember, how our parents used to buy suitable sofa? They will go to multiple stores and sit on every sofa they feel like buying. That's how actually you need to think when you are going through break up. Some gives you idea of love, some teaches you how to love and etc. 

This drama taught me to believe in god, fate, love and intuitions. An army soldier from North Korea falls in love with a businesswomen from South Korea. I think this one sentence is enough to show you how I start to believe in fate again. The scenes where the strict officer becomes softy and takes good care of the South Korean women is like a warm hug for the viewers. Go watch it and feel better about yourself. 


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