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Every Fairytale Lovers favourite

Every Fairytale Lovers favourite

The first thing that pop up in our brains when we hear fairytale is the Disney movies we watched when we were young. Eventhough the animated fairytales were not true, deep down inside our amateur hearts we always want a life like fairytale.

The princess, prince, talking frog, singing birds and especially the mermaids got our attention. Everyone desperately needed a fairy godmother. 

However, dramas can be a form of satisfaction for our desperate fairytale thoughts.

Scientists found out that, mermaids are real but I'm not sure about Ariel's existence. There is one thing I'm sure about which is every fairytale lover will binge watching The Legend of Blue Sea. The title explains the storyline. It is about mermaids. The story is a beautiful love story between a mermaid and man. 

Lee Min Ho played roles as a village chef in the flashback and Conman in the present story.The story is a mixture of technology, reincarnation, mermaids becoming human, mermaid power and South Korean lifestyles.The mermaid will learn about Seoul lifestyle which is interesting to watch.Spoiler alert, you might cry in the last episode so be ready with some tissues.

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