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Korean Drama Starter Package

Pandemic and quarantine are giving us the opportunity we always asked for which is the "Own Sweet Time".

 Before the quarantine, most probably no one had time to binge watch on new Netflix series or any foreign language drama.Some of us, didn't get to finish watching our favourite series because we didn't had the time. 

Now there is the TIME everyone asked for. Online streaming platforms are floating with new series and uploading old nostalgic dramas. 

Now, you might be thinking why I'm repeating the word drama 🤔. The reason is dramas are like dramas make your time occupied. 

Especially Korean dramas are icing on the cake for every drama lover. The storylines are different. Some dramas' storyline is above our imagination. 

As a beginner, Goblin is highly recommend. It is like a kickstart to a endless love for Korean dramas.

 The storyline of Goblin is about love between a young girl and non human being. The non human being is called as Goblin. It's a warrior's soul. 

The acting, songs and beautiful sceneries are plus points. It's a comedy,romance and thriller story. 

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